Our History

About Us & Our History

Lawyers professional liability insurance provides lawyers and their clients with protection for the mistakes that can happen, even to the best of us. Whether you have a question about your policy or need to report a claim, Florida Lawyers Mutual provides customers with personal, direct service that can’t be matched by others.

A Brief History

During the early 1980s, many insurance companies abandoned our state, leaving Florida lawyers without options to protect themselves and their clients. Recognizing that this crisis exposed both lawyers and the public to high levels of risk, The Florida Bar created Florida Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company. After creating the mutual company entity, assembling a board of directors and hiring the staff, The Florida Bar unconditionally divested its ownership and terminated all operational management and control of the Company going forward.

The Company is owned by its insured Florida lawyers, rather than outside investors. The mutual form of ownership gives policyholders the right to participate in the management policies of the Company by electing the Board of Directors. In 1997, the Company joined together with other Bar-related insurance companies to form Lawyers Reinsurance Company, a Vermont-based captive reinsurance company. The formation of this company is the logical extension of the vision all the Bar-related companies had when they were formed, i.e., to take their future into their own hands and provide quality protection to lawyers.

The first Florida Lawyers Mutual office was located in the basement of The Florida Bar.